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Our Peer Support Specialists provide peer to peer mentoring, recovery education at outreach sites, and evidenced-based recovery curriculum to the general public. Peer Support Specialists are persons who have lived experience with mental health and/or substance use disorders, and have completed specific training that enables them to enhance a person’s wellness and recovery by providing peer support. The peer support movement has matured since its inception in the 1970’s to become an evidence-based service. Our Peer Support Specialists are local people in recovery sharing their own stories and the coping skills they have learned with those new to recovery.

To see a list of upcoming classes, click here.

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Our Peer Support Specialists teach classes in wellness recovery topics and provide one-on-one peer mentoring to individuals. We listen to each person’s story, share the skills we have learned through our lived experiences, and help direct people to resources in their community. We offer help to all individuals. Some of the populations we currently serve include older adults, individuals facing homelessness and/or poverty, veterans, businesses, organizations, and the general public. Primarily, we teach residents at the following outreach sites: Glover Plaza, James Walker, and Haven Ministries.


Peer Support is a structured relationship where a trained worker or volunteer, who has gone through a personal process of recovery or has assisted a loved one in recovery, assists other people with mental health and/or substance use issues to identify and achieve life goals as part of their own recovery process.

Peer Recovery Resources provides one-on-one Peer Support Services on an appointment basis.
Call 910-769-7064 to set up a time to talk to one of our Support Educators

WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan)

This a recovery class for addiction and mental illness. Visit our Events page for more information.


Classes are held at locations convenient to those in need, such as shelters or apartment communities, as many people in recovery do not drive or have access to transportation. Our teachers are Support Educators with lived recovery experience or lived experience with taking care of loved ones with mental health or substance use challenges.

Our classes focus on skills that empower individuals on their road to recovery and may include the following topics:

  • Community resources for recovery

  • Understanding stress triggers

  • Recognizing and identifying symptoms

  • Coping skills for living with mental health and/or substance use disorder:

    • Building support systems

    • Relaxation techniques

    • Journaling and therapeutic art exercises

    • Healthy recovery lifestyles

    • Anger and stress management

Currently we work with individuals at:

  • James Walker Apartments and Glover Plaza. These are low income housing options for older adults and people with disabilities. James Walker is located in historic North Wilmington, and Glover Plaza is located in South Wilmington.

If you know of a community in need of recovery education, call us at 910-769-7064. If we have funds available, we will try to place a Support Educator at your site.


We also provide classes to the public on recovery related topics.

Many of our classes count toward contact hours for Peer Support Specialist certification and recertification. Some of the classes we offer include:

  • Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

  • Whole Health Action Managment (WHAM)

Check our events page tab for upcoming courses.

Although most requests for classes are accepted, we review each request and conduct interviews to determine if the class is appropriate for the individual. Our classes have a 9–10-person limit.

If you have a business, nonprofit, or other organization interested in recovery training, please call us at 910-769-7064, and we will see if we can arrange a class at your location.


Peer Recovery Resources is not an inpatient or outpatient facility.

Peer Recovery Resources staff and Support Educators are not licensed therapists or counselors. Although our Support Educators have received training and possess lived experience, they are no substitute for professional help.

If you or someone you know is experiencing an emergency, or feel you or another person may harm yourself/himself/herself or another person, call 911.

For assistance with a crisis, you may also call RHA Mobile Crisis Management: 1-844-709-4097.

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